How to Install Limesurvey2 Release Candidate 2 (LS2RC2) on Server.

This version of limesurvey has released but it is not stable because it is under development not completely developed. I installed it to test it & to report the bugs in it.

Follow the steps to install the Limesurvey 2.0 RC2:

  • Go to the following link to download the limesurvey version 2(not yet released) and click on the suitable package.


  • After downloading it , extract it and then upload this extracted folder on server by using following command in terminal (alt+ctrl+T):

$scp -r /path/to/extracted folder folder_name username@server IP address:~/home_directory

         For Example :

$  scp -r /Desktop limesurvey2RC2 rimpy@

Note: This package is not having complete files and folders as were in the limesurvey 1.92+ (released version).

  • Copy the files and folders from the limesurvey folder which you have installed earlier  & paste those files/folders in your new limesurvey folder.
  • Go the config.php file and make the changes as follows:
  1. $databaselocation   =   ‘localhost’;
  2. $databasename       =   ‘ ‘;
  3. $databaseuser       =   ‘root’;
  4. $databasepass       =   ‘ ‘;
  5. $dbprefix           =   ‘lime_’;
  6. $rooturl            =   “http://{$_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’]}/path/to/limesurvey2RC2”;
  7. //Installation Set up
  8. $defaultuser  = ‘admin’;
  9. //This is the username when Limesurvey is installed and the administration user is created on installation
  10. $defaultpass  = ‘password’;
  • In the above url, if your limesurvey folder is different than “limesurvey2RC2” then you also have to reflect that changes in $rooturl variable. To do that simply replace the name folder at the end of the $rooturl variable with newer one. See the line 6 in above code.
  • Now go to your server link (e.g and click on the uploaded folder as in my case it is limesurvey2RC2.
  • Then it will start actual installation steps.
  • First it will ask you about default language selection that will be used throughout the whole installation process.Screenshot is shown below:

  • After selecting the language click on the start installation button.
  • In next step , it will ask you about the agreement with GNU General Public License.

  • Click on the “I accept” button .
  • After doing agreement, it will check for the requirements for your Limesurvey2.0RC2 & also report the permission errors if any.

  • After setting permissions, click on the try again button it will show the following screen with next button.

  • Click on the next button & it will then ask for database configuration as in following screen.

  • Giving the  suitable information in mandatory fields & click on the next button.
  • Then it will ask you to populate your database which you have created.

  • Click on the populate database button.
  • Then it will ask for the optional settings as shown in below screen.

  • Click on the next button & it will show the screen of successful  installation with username & password.

  • Click on the administration button & it will show the first login screen as below.

  • Give your username (in most of cases it is “admin“) & password & after login it will show the following Limesurvey screen.

  • Your Limesurvey tool is ready to create surveys .

Thats all . Enjoy with different surveys 🙂


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